Hardware Setup

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In the Mimic packaging you will find the Mimic Controller and Tracker. Additionally, you will need the following: 

  • Unbrako key set
  • Proper flanges for your tools and Mimic Robot Pointer 
    Note: The Mimic Robot Pointer is compatible with the tool flange of UR robots.
  • Full HD touch screen (1080p) touch screen (22" is recommended) or HD ready screen with mouse and keyboard
  • 1 Gigabit switch (optional - needed if connecting to other hardware is needed) 
  • Ethernet cables (for any additional hardware needed)

Mimic Hardware Setup 

Mimic Controller Setup

Follow these guidelines to setup the Mimic hardware. 

  1. Connect the power supply to the Mimic Controller 
  2. Connect the Mimic Controller to the robot (see robot specific guidelines) 
    Optional: Connect the Mimic Controller with the Gigabit switch using the ethernet cable, if connecting to other hardware is needed.
  3. Connect the touch screen/screen, USB-mouse and keyboard to the Mimic Controller
  4. Verify that the Mimic Controller starts up when pressing the power button

IR Tracker Setup

Follow these guidelines to setup the IR Tracker.

Please see Mimic Controller Setup (previous section) for setting up the IR Tracker.

  1. Connect the Dongle to the Mimic Controller with the Dongle Cradle.
  2. Place Lighthouse as desired (see recommendations for setup in the Unboxing course) and connect the power supply afterwards.
    Note: Do not move the Lighthouse when it is powered on. While powered on, small components are rotating inside the Lighthouse. If moved while rotating, these components might not perform as intended and can be damaged.
  3. Turn on the Tracker by holding the power button until the light is green. 
IR Tracker setup recommendations

How to get the most out of your IR Tracker

Below you will find a list of recommendations to get the most out of the Tracker.

How to get the most out of your IR Tracker
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